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Tsunami. It is an endless tsunami of a worm hole of – !!!!!BLACK LIE’s MATTER!!!!! Into infinity and beyond!!!!
Dave B
They aren’t Afreakin-Americans, they are black dindunuffin SUSPOOK FUCKS!

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Shared publicly  –  Jan 6, 2017

BLM is a joke. BLM used to be a movement that had a positive message. Not the message to kill cops and other white people. Fuck BLM. I love white people and to be honest the nicest people I have ever met were white. So you BLM people need to stop with all of these white people are evil shit. Yes some white people are evil and racist but there are also good white people . Also, black people need to stop bringing up slavery. Yes it was cruel and yes it was wrong but answer this question. Would you rather live in Africa or America. I mean lets be honest. In Africa most of them live in cheap broke down houses. Most cities have terrible medication. Plus in some countries they are killing each other and trying to make other black races extinct. If you yourself was not a slave then you should shut the fuck up and be thankful that you are in America. People do not forget that our own people sold us to the white men.
The whole Black Lies Matter movement is based on this (Michael Brown) savage animal. “Hand Up Don’t Shoot” never happened. He got shot in the hand trying to grab Wilson’s gun, started running off then his ego compelled him to charge at the cop like a rhinoceros. He was so used to bullying people and getting his way he chose to bully an armed and ready cop. Stupid.

Lets not be silent about the attacks on white peoples by black racists

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