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The Rise Of Anti-Whiteness

Published on Oct 28, 2016

Admittedly, this video covers some very sensitive topics. Please watch until the end.

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This video is devastating for .

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exactly bro good stuff and it’s fact

hey guys, is this video on youtube? I want to share it with friends outside twitter.

Haven’t found it yet. Will send link if I do.



Guys, please watch this video. Made me cry, made me angry. I know we know this stuff, but it’s so well put together ()



This creepy old billionaire uses them as pawns to create chaos so he can cash in on hedged investments against USA prosperity.

not only him – he’s 1 of MANY and his son is a UN director who met w Prize -simply put – RADICAL



Have your earphones on if a kid is in the room. 😂😂😂 I had 8yr old playing game & 1st thing out F word

Very sad video of the BHO WH policies racially dividing this country. BLM is only a symptom of that problem.

When he told me, my heart was broken. Raising kids to be racist. To hate whites. Our town is 1/3 black & nvr had problems


22 Sep 2016


George Soros continues to fund a race-war, and no one in law enforcement or government say a word about it.

because Satan owns & all the other Dems. The Clintons, Bushs, & Obama sold us out to the NWO

22 Sep 2016

Their power is rooted in corruption, without it, they are powerless.

All it would take to change things is for us to get off our asses & walk over there

22 Sep 2016

It takes a change in consciousness. It ends when we are unwilling to tell lies for money.



Please do not use Hashtag for Black L M with those ugly fists! Yes, this is some video for all to watch. Thanks.



Please someone post the youtube link

“Nobody’s right when everybody’s wrong!” Steven Stills, a long time ago. It still is relevant.



This is the goal of . George Soros thrives on chaos. is controlled and funded by him.



typical a country with a president who doesn’t have its people and country under control!

Devastating. Hard to believe that’s the United States.



we are both racist i guess for retweeting this

Fuck em. Not all black ppl are like this & I have respect for a lot of em but few look for an excuse to be monkeys



A heartbreaking video BLM wants to kill whites but work for biggest racist in the world

23 Sep 2016

: This video is devastating for . ” please share!!

I try not to hate anyone, but Obama / Clinton / Soros & political elite brought us to this for their position & profit.



that was a deep ass video dawg


Deuteronomy 28:15-68 — when a nation abandons God, then God abandons the nation and hell comes for everyone.

,to all beauty police officers&military’s risking lives every day,my respect,how we can be ungrateful to them

I can’t verify this comment, but if true when is America going to be honest with itself.

The blk. communities that are full of crime by the thug n’ drug culture need to address it!

EVERYBODY needs to watch this video before they judge !!! That means you too

22 Sep 2016

With Hillary You Would Get This X10!Where’s Obama”The Great Divider In Chief”!?We’ve Had More Racial Divide In 8yrs!Lets

We LOVE are Black Americans! Damn it! Stop the killing of our black AMERICANS! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!


24 Sep 2016


excuse me arent you supposed to be working on an essay

24 Sep 2016

I’m doing both smh mom

this to real

Supporting this is supporting terrorism

George Soros funded BLM is designed to divide our country, weaken LEOs and cities, and instigate Marshall Law before Jan 20.

T.Y 4 Putting this N A Way that most 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Understand👍We R BEING LIED 2 On a every day basis & We R going 2 prevail#MAGA👍💪🇺🇸


No words…

Powerful message …America needs Peace

tbh, when blm first emerged in 2014, I supported them, but their org has evolved into something hateful, criminal & violent

this is pretty much terrorism

send this to that girl who was being hella disrespectful



What was that horror movie…? “The Purge” One day a year,there are no laws;murder,rape,mayhem are all a go.


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Sweet! Kids are sick today,so I’m watching it. Thanks!



… Often, people will march with them. It simply doesn’t get as much media coverage.

with social media EVERYTHING gets covered.

ANYTHING gets covered, not “EVERYTHING.” And assuming it was, like I said, that’s not the same as everything circulating.



It is time for those of us who believe in America to boldly take a stand an speak out. I agree with this message.



: This video is devastating for . ”


22 Sep 2016


Hate cops and Trump supporters, not criminals or terrorists though! Don’t hurt THEIR feelings…

and people wonder why cops are trigger happy? Their life or the thugs! Which would you choose? Thanks OBAMA!

Youtube link for those who hate this video format

Very Powerful Video

More righteous police kills than not.

22 Sep 2016

22 Sep 2016


Great stuff, really does show what a hate group are..

There r no easy answers but it’s clearly not one sided😞

but Paul, bringing up black on black crime is racist…. because of course it is

Last time I checked we are all part of the Human Race Powers that be are using the

This video is just devastating, PERIOD

22 Sep 2016

Power and so Sad. Sad for all of us.

22 Sep 2016



it’s devastating only because the message is misused.

that’s my prob with BLM… I agree with the cause, but they are alienating the people they need to understand it

…the movement had/has so much potential though.

it does, history, as in MLK proves that it does… My honest opinion though is that BLM is being used as a pawn in

a political game of chess…

that’s an interesting thought process. I never thought of that.

if, & that’s an IF George Soros is funding BLM then in no way do I believe he has black lives best interests at heart

I also think that Deray should be denouncing the violence but as far as I know there’s been none of that

devastating all around. So much hurt and brokenness in this world

16 Dec 2016

horrific. Guns need to be taken off those streets!!!!

this genuinely brought me to tears

broooo. Watch this 😲


There is a preponderance of evidence that the root cause of this is Obama, Soros, Clinton. Fire Obama NOW retire HRC

This is Soros work, this is Soros at work!

this makes me sick. Black lives matter is just taking more lives

Please make yourself watch this video now. You will feel different no matter what u think.. it is real… 😢

ALL LIVES MATTER! Cops will go to work not knowing if they will see there family again! We have a VIOLENCE problem, not COP!

good video!!!



There are a number of local Black orgs around the country that protest and march about intra-racial crime…

now is a time where they need to stand up. It isn’t hard to be heard in 2016.

I’ve seen it in my home city, the positive community uplift events aren’t covered by local news sources.

So very devastating!! My God…

Obama’s Gov’t and the liberal politicians are on the side of the thugs.

that is unreal👍🏻

Yeah, it is rather hard to explain, isn’t it? They seem unable to think critically…just over-react.

another stat. A cop is 18.5 times more like to be killed by black man than a unarmed black man is to be killed by a cop!


Wow! Powerful Video! So true.

Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist group financed by George Soros who also finances Obama & Clinton!

I say it time & time again, is a terrorist group, has nothing to do with race. They are sent to destabilize .

I got attacked for bringing this up as a huge issue during …..

😢 It would be best if this would all just stop and let the police do their fucking jobs.

it ain’t shit but the truth. All lives matter bro because we’re all 1 race. Race is just made up

22 Sep 2016

sad part is, most don’t even care

that was one of the most powerful message I have seen…