White Genocide of Farmers in South Africa

White Farmers Slaughtered in South Africa | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux

Published on Feb 10, 2018

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Lauren Southern is an independent journalist and the author of “Barbarians: How the Baby Boomers, Immigration and Islam Screwed My Generation.” Order “Barbarians: How the Baby Boomers, Immigration and Islam Screwed My Generation” now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MU30NB0/

Farmlands Documentary: https://laurensouthern.net/farmlands/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCla6APLHX6W3FeNLc8PYuvg
Twitter: http://twitter.com/lauren_southern
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lauren.southern.589

South Africa’s Farm Murders: Jeanine’s Story

South Africa – Why White People?

The Reality of South African Farm Murders

South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated World

South African Wives are Living in Constant Fear

Land or Death: Mandela’s Failed Rainbow Nation

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Extra material; Lauren Southern in South Africa

South Africa’s Farm Murders: Jeanine’s Story

Published on Jan 15, 2018

Thank you so much for watching. One of the most helpful things you can do is share this video and spread the word about what is happening in South Africa – but if you want to go a step even further here are a few things to check out.

White Genocide By South African Marxist

Published on Oct 19, 2017

18Oct17 – Simon Roche, former ANC activist, explains the Marxist govt of South Africa is pursuing a policy of land confiscation and white genocide and how Afrikaners are prepping for survival


The Suidlanders Emergency Plan (Noodplan) has been put together after many years of research and is written according to Civil Defence Law. It is considered as Civil Defence when a group is organised to administer a refugee flight situation. By becoming part of the Suidlander Emergency plan, you become part of a plan that will function legally according to international Civil Defence Law. We have staff countrywide who are personally prepared and receive training (or have received training) to be able to manage refugees, logistics, infrastructure, security etc. This is done by assigning the refugees to these critical functions as they arrive. Our members are preparing to become part of this Emergency Plan.

Genocide in South Africa – What Media Won’t Tell You | Mike Cernovich Periscope

Mike Cernovich On White Genocide In South Africa

‘Prepping for Genocide’: White minority fears ‘anarchy’ in post-Mandela S. Africa

Inside South Africa’s White Displacement Camps

Every South African Needs To Watch This – Scenario Expert Discusses South Africa’s Future

Published on May 12, 2015

Frans Cronje, CEO of the South African Institute for Race Relations Centre for Risk Analysis gives an overview of the various scenarios that may play out in the South African political and economic arena over the next 10 years.

This presentation took place on May 4th 2015 at the CATO Institute in Washington D.C.

Frans Cronje is author of the book ‘A Time Traveller’s Guide to Our Next Ten Years’

No copyright infringement intended. I do not own this material.

Checkout diagonalviews.com

South Africa: Failed State 2.0

Picture South Africa in ten years: Are the angry poor rising up, seizing land and businesses? Will the ANC survive three more elections? Will the middle classes still braai in suburbia or will we go the way of Zimbabwe?


White South Africans face annihilation

The Truth About Nelson Mandela

Published on Dec 9, 2013

Nelson Mandela is portrayed in the mainstream media as a peace-loving anti-apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist. But what is the truth about Nelson Mandela?

Correction: For decades, Mandela supported nationalization, but abandoned his plans after being informed of the negative effects they would likely engender.

Last White Man – Zimbabwe


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