Univision Star: Whites Will Become A Minority


Whites soon to be a minority in every white country world wide except maybe Russia.

Beautiful European Culture – Be proud of being white!


Published on Mar 9, 2017

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Monica 8814 hours ago
Save our race please
Walking Fitness14 hours ago
Monica 88 it’s too late. thanks feminism
Four Disastrous Years Coming14 hours ago
You sound like a KKK grand witch.
monkeygraborange14 hours ago
I wonder if Jorge Ramos hangs with Rachael Dolezal and Talcum X?


jice1214 hours ago
Monica 88 Every other race dies without whites. This isn’t even an opinion, it’s fact. Not only did they need whites to get where they are now, they are already conditioned to be used to whites defending and/or taking care of them somehow in every facet of their lives. Once whites are gone, I can guarantee you minorities will fall into chaos and eat each other alive like is already happening even WITH civilized inrervention.
MikhailZavarov14 hours ago
the Asians lived for millenium without the “germanics” interfering in their way of life , they’ll do just fine when whites finally dsstroy themselves
WMsandKFCisBackMOFOs14 hours ago
Monica 88 But why is it that when other races say the same thing they are looked down upon? Aborigines, “American” Indians, African Americans, etc. What you are feeling is something that every other race of colored people has felt for the past several centuries. It’s different when the shoe is on the other foot isn’t it?
jice1214 hours ago
Japan adopted western culture, they’re at the top tier for Asian civilization and largely thanks to that notion in and of itself. Most other asian nations are largely under dictatorship rule and communism already lol. You think Taiwan is reaching out to Trump for help just for laughs? lol. okie dokie.
harley Rider14 hours ago
Tell all the white woman dating out of their race.


Walking Fitness14 hours ago
Monica 88 the white elites/owners have already decided to destroy you. you’re fucked
Walking Fitness14 hours ago
jice12 blacks lived on the planet for millions of years before they created white people 6000 years ago. I’m sure they will be fine.
jice1214 hours ago
Walking Fitness they’ll be fine eating each other and selling each other into slavery just like they were before whites pretty much saved them and brought them to a nation that abolished slavery while they still die from fecal born bacteria in their homeland. 👌
WMsandKFCisBackMOFOs14 hours ago
harley Rider All white women need to breed with black men.
williamsebastian14 hours ago
Monica 88 I’ll save your race!!!!
Walking Fitness14 hours ago
jice12 They were smart enough to create white people so they are capable of surviving without whites. Do you realize how difficult it is to create a race?


Walking Fitness14 hours ago
jice12 White people just got here 6000 years ago so you have no idea what system was in place before you were made.
jice1214 hours ago
Walking Fitness Lmao!!! thanks for the laugh 😂
Mark Valens14 hours ago
+Four Disastrous Years Coming Yeah wanting to survive makes you a KKK person exactly…. Idiot.


Walking Fitness14 hours ago
jice12 White people lost the numbers game. Hispanics won. We will see what they can do
Saint Louis Electronics14 hours ago
time to get your guns ready..when the war goes hot i want jorge rames dragged through the streets and drawn & quartered in public square
Monica 88 it’s okay we are all human stop this race bullshit. We Latinos will take care of you 🙂
jice1214 hours ago (edited)
Walking Fitness It doesn’t matter what system was in place. The systems NOW are already worked into the conditioning of almost every person on the planet and they’re largely organized and upkept by whites. If by your logic, whites dominated this intricately in just 6000 years, that only fortifies my point.
Sandi C14 hours ago
Face it they want to kill out white pep, Christians and Jews. Who you ask? anyone who does not support Donald Trump.
Walking Fitness they’re trying to fight against natural selection bro
Walking Fitness14 hours ago
Mark Valens14 hours ago
+WMsandKFCisBackMOFOs Go straight to hell. No one vilifies native Americans for wanting to save their tribes. You’re retarded if you believe that. The show will never be on the other foot.
jice1214 hours ago (edited)
Walking Fitness lmao, im not white OR black, but you think it’s HISPANICS that won the numbers game? oh boy, you’re in trouble. China is going to eat you alive with that kind of low level thought process.
Virginia Risk14 hours ago
Monica 88 Have more kids.
Mark Valens14 hours ago
+Walking Fitness Der der we wuz Kangs and sheeit. The massive die off of niggas would be so huge it’s inconceivable. You niggas follow these whites everywhere they go then try to tell yourselves they need you. Ridiculous.
mysteriousjungalist14 hours ago
MikhailZavarov Native Americans tribes were killing each other BRUTALLY when Anglo’s arrived. Raping other tribes women, enslaving the children you name it. The “peaceful Indian” line is a farce. Also, the Spanish were originally Celtic NOT Germanic. God, people are stupid. Yes, without White people, no peaceful Western civilization will exist. You can’t just swap third world people with those who built the nation and expect it to be the same, not gonna happen.
Monica 8814 hours ago
White people are still pure full breeds. Why do you want to kill the last full bloods off the planet? Hispanic are a mixed breed. African Americans are a mixed breed. Muslims are are a mixed breed. We white people still have an identity and we build an amazing culture. We need to be preserved.

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