Black’s Targeting Asian-Americans in Brutal Assaults and Robberies

Black Men Are In Survival Mode | Asian Men Are Winning | AMBW | BWGTOW | Izidora Storm #blacktwitter

Published on Aug 31, 2016

Black Men Are In Survival Mode | Asian Men Are Winning | AMBW

Black men on YouTube are recruiting white men and Asian men to publicly announce that they don’t date black women.

It is no secret that most people prefer their own race. They are trying to persuade other white and Asian men to not consider dating black women. These men are stopping beyond LOW!

White and Asian men! Don’t fall for their B.S.!!!

Asian tells Africans they are stupid for destroying what White people built and for learning nothing

Published on Jul 30, 2016

So many smart people are making the same conclusion.

Black on Asian murder in Atlanta and violence on a school bus

Published on Sep 20, 2016

Asian students sick of being attacked by racist black teens boycott schools in the United States

Published on Apr 11, 2012


While the national media will show the SMALL amount of crimes against blacks by supposed whites, the two “hate crimes” turned out not to be by whites, but by George Zimmerman, a Latino, and the other crime by a Native American Cherokee, Jake England, in Tulsa Oklahoma, the media NEVER focus national news on the crimes African-Americans do against Jews, Asians, East Indians, Arabs, Yemenis, Hispanics or whites.

In 2009 dozens of Asian students who were attacked and beaten at South Philadelphia High School by black students last week have opted not to return to school on Monday over concerns for their safety.

Wien Chen, president of the Chinese American Student Association, released a statement Sunday saying the students will instead meet and discuss “real solutions” to address violence at the school.

“It is our opinion that South Philadelphia High School is still not a safe place for us,” read the statement. “Because we are Asian immigrants, we are targeted. We have been working with the school a long time, but the school has failed to provide a concrete plan to address our safety inside and outside the building.”

School District officials and police held a meeting with the students on Friday evening but the group said the meeting did little to address their concerns or ease fears.

Tensions between black and Asian students at the school erupted in a series of assaults last week, leading to 10 suspensions and several students seeking medical treatment.

Asian students at the school said a lunchroom attack left them feeling unsafe and helpless, in part because they say school security guards often turn a blind eye.

School officials said last week’s clashes strained efforts to improve race relations.

“What gets lost in all of this is the fact that the school, the community and the students have worked hard over the past two years to foster that kind of positive learning environment,” said James Golden, the school district’s chief safety executive.

The school, with some 1,200 students, is 70 percent black and 18 percent Asian. It has been labeled “persistently dangerous” by the state, even though assaults were down 50 percent from last year.

In an effort to get the Philadelphia School District to take their claims of abuse seriously, more than 50 Asian students from South Philadelphia High School will boycott classes this week.

The drastic move comes after 30 students were brutally attacked last week at the school located at Broad Street and Snyder Avenue.

The students who are protesting met with Asian community leaders and law enforcement on Monday to urge them to put better security measures in place.

‘We are afraid to get attacked! Inside school! In the bathroom, around the hallway in school,” said Yung Ly. “When my friend got attacked outside the school and the district said ‘We are investigating’ but they did not interview us! How can they be investigating without interviewing us? We are the victims.”

The students are specifically asking for more school cameras and school officers. They also want stricter punishments for students who attack their peers.

“If there’s an arrest for aggravated assault or assault and it’s determined it’s because of their nationality, that is a hate crime,” said Chief Inspector James Tiano.

Investigators said 30 Asian-American students at the school were assaulted last week by a group of African-American students. 10 of those students were suspended from school and sent to alternative schools.

School officials who met with the students said they have been and are working on a resolution to end the violence.

“If they boycott or didn’t boycott, I got the message. To me, the bottom line is that whenever kids get in a fight and a lot are injured I got the message. To me the most important things is to make sure it doesnt happen again,” said Philadelphia School District Regional Superintendent Michael Silverman.

The students plan to meet again on Tuesday at an undisclosed location.

Last month two Chinese students studying at USC were shot and killed in a violent robbery by two black thugs named Bryan Barnes and Javier Bolden, in Los Angeles. The innocent victims were Xiyong Wu and Ming Qu, both 23-year-old electrical engineering students.

Read more:…

May they Rest In Peace and I pray for their families back in China. And may they have justice against these gangster bullies and bully murdering thieves.

Tsunami of violence against ASIANS continues in Sacramento – Its a black thing,

Black youths target Asians for robbery, says it is not a racist hate crime to target Asian community

Published on Apr 10, 2012

Asian woman kills black intruder — Cops break up black gang that targets Asians

Published on Sep 23, 2016

Reporters and public officials ignore epidemic of black on asian violence in Sacramento

Published on Sep 8, 2016

“Urban Youth” Targeting Asian-Americans in Brutal Assaults & Robberies Throughout New York City

Published on Jan 28, 2013


NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – The NYPD has identified the man they believe is responsible for a series of brutal attacks on Asian Americans in Manhattan.

“(In) the eight robberies and assaults, all of the victims were Asian. All were struck- nose broken, teeth broken; money and cell phones were taken,” NYPD Cmsr. Ray Kelly told Good Day New York on Monday.

Kelly showed viewers a photo of Jason Commisso. The suspect has a long rap sheet including more than 30 arrests, said Kelly.

Commisso allegedly targeted Asian-Americans in East Harlem and parts of the Upper East Side since January 17th.

Over the past week, the suspect assaulted six Asian-American residents by repeatedly punching them in the face and head and forcefully removing their property in elevators, said police.

The latest incident took place on Friday when two Asian-American residents were assaulted.

Community members joined by Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito held a press conference Saturday morning in East Harlem to denounce the crimes saying this kind of violence will not be tolerated.

Initial descriptions of the suspect describe him as a light-skinned, black or Hispanic male, 6’0″- 6’2″, 200 – 230 lbs.

He was wearing a black jacket and a black doo-rag or skull cap.

Crime Stoppers is currently offering up to $2,000 in cash for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the person responsible for these crimes.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

BLACK-ON-ASIAN CRIME | Black Man Obsessed with Asian Women | Izidora Storm #blacktwitter #ambw

ublished on Aug 24, 2016

BLACK-ON-ASIAN CRIME | Tyrell Shaw – Black Man Obsessed with Asian Women

Ladies of the AMBW community, we need to get serious! Bring awareness to this problem!

World Population – 2015
Population Reference Bureau


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