Dangers of wearing long hair while WHITE


banned Video! Black Girl Attacks White Girl With Baby

Black on white VIOLENCE & anti white RACISM can NOT be ignored for #BlackLivesMatter any longer!

Published on May 10, 2016

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*Note- I had to lower the background music, so I deleted the upload of this video off of YouTube & fixed it. *

Okay, I’ve received countless requests asking if I can make another video showing the anti-white racism & black on white violence because many people want me to bring attention to it. I’m honoring that request as I feel it’s definitely an issue that people need to be aware of & to show people that black on white violence along with anti-white racism is NOT some myth that’s made up. The majority of the time, the media covers it as a ‘random attack’ or a ‘robbery’ or a ‘robbery gone wrong’ or ‘at the wrong place at the wrong time’ or ‘just don’t know what the motive is’ but if it’s white on black then the media covers it as a possible hate crime & then protests erupt & it trends on social media. Don’t forget about the professional race baiters & agitators who come out like cockroaches .

Black on white violence & anti-white racism is real. It is happening. It is rising at epidemic proportions. It is an issue. It is being ignored. It is being covered up. It is being silenced in the name of diversity. It is being silenced by the media. It is being silenced in the name of #BlackLivesMatter. It is being silenced by Obama & his administration. It is being silenced by US attorney general Loretta Lynch & former US attorney general Eric Holder. It is the so-called elephant in the room. It is being suppressed by many due to fear of being LABELED a racist. And that needs to stop NOW! To bring attention to black on white violence & anti-white racism does NOT make one a racist or white supremacist, so get that thought out of your head! If everyone can bring up & talk about the racism against black people or gay people or Muslim people or Asian people, then there is absolutely NO reason racism against white people can not & should not be brought up.

I know & am friends with many black people in real life & on my social media accounts. They just happen to be black conservatives. I’ve seen them get ripped up by both white & black people. It really pains me to see the vile racism they & others receive because of their personal beliefs or what type of individual they choose to be or for being friends with white people or for not being pro-black (aka anti-white) or for their political beliefs or for defending white people or for speaking out on anti-white racism & black on white violence. What’s sad is that some of them have told me they’ve been receiving this racial hatred from both races for so long, that they have learned to just expect it. They are all amazing individuals who have successfully made a life for themselves & worked their asses off to get where they are, but they still get subjected to this racism. I’ve got friends of all races & if I’m around when you come at any of them, expect me to be right there coming right back at you! If I’m around & see anyone of any race or any color falling prey to someone’s racism or discrimination, then expect to see me coming for that racist!

But let’s get back on track. Maybe we should be asking WHY many CHOOSE not to acknowledge black on white violence & anti-white racism. Why do so many CHOOSE not to accept the truth?? Are people afraid they’ll be LABELED a racist instead of actually being a racist?? Why are people afraid to admit the truth about it?? Are people afraid it will contradict them after going around & telling others it doesn’t exist?? Does it make you feel UNCOMFORTABLE to talk about it?? Well get fearful! Get afraid & get uncomfortable! Cause I’m unleashing the TRUTH & bringing attention to black on white violence & anti-white racism! If you’re not ready to handle the truth, then go back to your ‘safe space’ in your distorted reality cause this video is NOT for you! I know it’s everyone’s right to free speech, but please try & refrain from using racial epithets directed towards any race in the comment section under my videos. Don’t lower yourself to the standards of those racists. #AllLivesMatter #Anonymous #OpAllLivesMatter


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